Behind The Scenes Of Mini Burble

The Umbrellium team have been hard at work preparing for the first UK launch of Mini Burble: a sculpture made of 300 helium-filled, LED-illuminated balloons controlled by the you, the audience.

Each balloon is fitted with sensors and an LED light, allowing each balloon to act as an individual light source whilst responding to those around it. It’s a complicated process, but the Umbrellium team make it look like a breeze.

Mini Burble Umbrellium balloons

Start with a few hundred balloons and a lot of cables and wires…

Mini Burble Umbrellium balloons behind the scenes

…add a bit of elbow-grease…

Umbrellium Mini Burble behind the scenes pictures

…and top it off with more than a little tech-savvy.

The result is a breath-taking, fluid structure that moves with the wind and changes colour in response to the audience’s whims. You can send ribbons of colour flowing through the swaying balloons with the swipe of your finger. Follow your own instincts, or work with those around you to create some truly impressive pattern and colour combinations!

Being an artist couldn’t be any easier. Come and unleash your inner Picasso (and let Quays Culture and Umbrellium do all the hard work).

Mini Burble comes to the Piazza at MediaCityUK between 14 – 18 July. For more info, click here.

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