Quays Culture Artist Visit With Mads Christensen

Mads Christensen is a Danish artist currently living in Los Angeles, where he creates his visually stimulating and emotionally moving artworks, such as Wave IV, seen below.

Wave IV from Mads Christensen on Vimeo.

Combining his expertise in computer programming and custom circuitry with lots of bright LEDs, Mads’ artworks are both gentle and vibrant with their subtle shifts in shape and shade. They can be as hypnotic as whirlpools, or playful as sprites. They’re also at home in outdoor spaces (such as the Burning Man Festival, where Mads exhibits regularly) or inside more traditional settings like galleries and art spaces.

Photo 22-04-2015 10 35 05

 Mads speaks with programme producer, Lucy about his work

Photo 22-04-2015 11 04 24

Mads and the Quays Culture team at The Lowry Plaza

Last week Mads’ paid the Quays Culture team a visit here in Salford, where we gave him a tour of the outdoor spaces, and he showed us some of his current work in development. It was fascinating to see how sensors in his new sculptures detect movement, and in turn trigger flashes of light through what will be huge, reflective structures. Here are a few ‘behind the scenes’ snaps at the office.

Photo 22-04-2015 11 26 24

Photo 22-04-2015 11 28 46

Photo 22-04-2015 11 33 59

We don’t want to give too much away, but we’re very excited to see how the prototype develops into the fully-realised vision, which we believe will transform The Quays into a must-see visitor destination this winter yet again.

Watch this space!

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