What Is Mini Burble?

A ’10 storey sculpture made of 300 inflatable, LED light balloons’ sounds impressive on paper but Mini Burble is something that has to be seen to be fully appreciated. Inspired by the story of Jack and The Beanstalk, designed to fit within confined urban spaces, and appreciated by thousands of people, its fluid motion is a captivating contrast to the rigidity of the buildings that surround us.

In this video, Usman Haque, designer of Mini Burble and founding partner of Umbrellium, talks about the work alongside some beautiful visuals.

“The vision for The Burble was to have something large enough that it actually changes the skyline of the city, even if only for one night,” says Haque. That vision became a reality of 300 extra large helium inflated balloons, each equipped with sensors and LED lights, kept together in flexible netting and changing colour as they float in the wind.

The actions of the audience have a direct impact on how Mini Burble behaves. Using a specially designed app on tablet devices, the public ‘fingerpaint’ the structure by drawing their digits across the screen. This can lead to thrilling examples of collaboration or competition. As Umbrellium put it, “Visitors can paint on their own, but if they coordinate and work together they are able to create more spectacular results.”

tetro_samsung_burblehd_157 ©TETRO : Raphael Carrand copy

Photo: Raphael Carrand

Cities can be wonderful centres of exchange, but so often people simply go about their own business; it’s easy to feel isolated from time to time. Mini Burble breaks this routine, offering a space to play and get creative for five evenings at MediaCityUK alongside people from widely different communities. Make sure you pay us a visit this summer and unleash you inner artist!

Mini Burble flies at the following times and is completely FREE to enjoy:

  • Non-illuminated: 5:00pm – 7:30pm (15 – 18 July)
  • Illuminated: 9:00pm – 10:30pm (14 – 18 July)

Find out more at thequays.com and use the hashtag #burblequays to Tweet your responses!

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