Gone With The Wind! Life After Aeolian Light With Squidsoup

Quays Culture is focused on how public artworks can bring communities together, and when we talk about communities, we mean artists as much as we mean local residents. Keeping in touch with past artists, continuing to support their work, is a big part of our ethos.

It’s always exciting to hear what our commissioned and programmed artists have been up to after visiting The Quays. After checking in with Anthony Rowe of UK/NZ artist collective, Squidsoup, we’re pleased to report they’ve had a very enjoyable time taking their immersive and innovative works to such far-flung places as Mexico City, Adelaide, Wellington and Oslo, reaching and delighting new audiences.

The Aeolian Light commission Squidsoup brought to Salford Quays this winter was an ambitious project, with the artwork responding to the natural elements as much as the people within it. Submergence works on similar principles, operating in indoor and outdoor spaces on a 20 minute cycle that shows off the sophistication of the LED technologies employed. At the Visual Arts Week in Mexico City, it attracted over 16,000 paying visitors in five days to Museo Jumex, a stunning building with a state of the art gallery space – a record for the gallery!

VAW 2015 from Primer Nivel Group on Vimeo.

Appearances in Australia and New Zealand followed quicky, with the artwork receiving over 100,000 visitors in just over two weeks at Adelaide Festival in March, and now residing at Expressions Gallery in Wellington where it will stay until 17th May.

We’re also very excited to hear about the development of a new work called WaveLight which is on permanent display at Høgskolen i Oslo og Akershus, Andrea Arntzens hus, Pilestredet 32, Oslo. WaveLight uses camera-based interaction so that passersby stir up turbulence and create waves of light through their movement. The emitted light illuminates the entire space in a fluid, shape-shifting motion. Have a peek at the artwork in action here!

WaveLight from squidsoup on Vimeo.

A big congratulations to everyone at Squidsoup – we can’t wait to hear what else you’ve been up to in a few months’ time!

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